Alliance for Veterans

Please check back for Veterans Day 2015 Information - November 11, 2015 

" MSU Honors Healers in War ” - Veterans Day 2015

Mission Statement

The willingness to go into "harms way" to defend our Country from those who would attempt to destroy the freedoms that the United States of America was founded upon constitutes the noblest form of engaged citizenship.  As members of this alliance and of a University dedicated to a mission in "public affairs" it is our duty to ensure that the sacrifices made and the deprivations endured by America's courageous military defenders are lifted up as examples to the entire campus community as the kind of action necessary to defend and build our democratic republic.


semper in memoria ('always remember')

Past Veterans Day Campus Events

  • 2014 - Missouri State Honors Sacrifice - The Purple Heart
  • 2013- Missouri State Remembers the Civil War
  • 2012 - Missouri State Salutes the Air Force
  • 2011 - Missouri State Salutes the Marines
  • 2010 - Missouri State Salutes the Army
  • 2009 - Missouri State Salutes the Coast Guard 
  • 2008 - Missouri State Salutes the Navy
  • 2007 - Post Vietnam Conflicts
  • 2006 - WWII
  • 2005 - Women in Uniform
  • 2004 - Vietnam
  • 2003 - Korea

Thank You!

The Alliance for Veterans Committee would like to say “Thank You” to all of our University units, Community Partners, and Missouri State University faculty, staff and students for their continued support of our Veterans Day Events to honor all those who have served and are currently serving in our US Military.

Veterans History Project

The Alliance partners with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project to capture and preserve the personal recollections of area veterans and of civilians who have supported America's war efforts, providing services, supplies, and expertise in conducting oral histories.  Copies of videotaped interviews are provided to the subjects and to the Library of Congress for its permanent collection.  Master copies are also archived in Meyer Library for local access and use.  We now have more than 400 interviews on file in Meyer Library.

For further information locally, email Julie A. Johnson ( or email/call Myril Stewart ( at (417) 343-0319.

You can learn about the Library of Congress project and also obtain instructions for conducting your own interview at  The local archive may be viewed at Meyer Library or by clicking on Meyer Library Archive.