University Veterans

The information on this page is purely self-reported. If you wish to be included in this information, or know of changes that need to be made, please contact the Alliance for Veterans at Please indicate branch of service (Army, Navy, Mo Air National Guard, etc), branch within service (Signal Corps, Artillery, etc), dates of service, highest rank attained, and if you are faculty, staff or a student. Our goal is to have the two separated out and better recognize our veteran students here on campus.


Bill Ackermann, 1971-91 Ret
Powerhouse, Boiler Fireman
USN, Submariner, Chief E-8

Larry Adams, 2 yrs
Maintenance Residence Life, HVAC
US Army, Infantry, Spec-5

Bill Alter, 22 yrs Ret
Sponsored Research & Programs, Director Sponsored Research
USAF, Bio Science, Lt Col

David Ashley, 23 yrs
Mathematics, Associate Professor USN, Explosive Ordinance, Lt Cmdr

Kathie Bachelet, 1969-70
Natural & Applied Sciences, Executive Assistant
US Army, Disease Control, Spec-5

Jim Baker, 4 yrs
Research & Economic Development, Vice President
USAF, Staff Sgt

Paul Blisard, 1969-70
Counseling, Associate Professor
US Army, Infantry, E-5 Sgt

Ben Boslaugh, 1993-97 & 1997-2001
Maintenance Residence Life, Mechanic
USN, Submariner, MM2/MIDN 1st Class

David E. Bowles, 1989-present
Biology Department, Professor

D.M. Bucher, 1972-74
Public Safety Officer

David Byrd, 21 mths
School of Accountancy, Professor
US Army, Finance, Spec-5

David Caravella, 1984-88
Operations Coordinator-Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning 
USCG, Deck Div

Larry Combs, 20 Years
Public Safety Officer
USN, Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator, AW1 (AW) (NAC)

Alan Cooksey, 1975-81
Custodial, Custodian I
USMC, Communications Center, Cpl

Ronald Davis, 6 yrs & 26 yrs Ret
Custodial Residence Life, Custodian I
USN, Machinist Mate, MM2 E-5 USN Reserve, SKC, Chief E-7

Thomas Dickson, 1968-70
Media, Journalism & Film, Professor
US Army, Military Police, Spec-4

Steven T. Dodge, M.D., 1979-86
Physician Assistant Studies, Department Head/Program Director
US Army Medical Corps, Major

Susan Dollar, 1982-87
Social Work, Assistant Professor
USAF, Supply Officer, Capt

Addie Douglas, 1983-92
Custodial Residence Life, Custodian I
USAF, Inventory Mngmt, Spec-4

Robert T. Eckels, 21 yrs Ret
Physical Plant, Director
USN, Commander, CEC

Michael Egan, 1966-69
Stores & Maintenance, Property Control Specialist
USMC, Tank Crewman, Cpl

Marnie Farmer, 1989-93
Music Department, Secretary
USAF, Structures, E-4

Olen Greer, 6 yrs
School of Accountancy, Professor
US Army, Med Service Corps, Capt

Randy Hamm, 1976-80
Department of Music, Associate Professor
USAF, Emergency Medical, Staff Sgt

Brian L. Henry, 3 yrs
Facilities Maintenance, Journeyman Plumber

Galen Hope, 1968-72
Records & Registration, Academic Information Specialist
USAF, Medical Administration, Sgt E-4

Jack Hunter, 29 yrs Ret
Career Services, Director
US Army, Corps of Engineers, Lt Col

Richard Johnson, 1966-69
Custodial, Custodian I
USN, Special Services, Petty Officer

Jim Jolliff, 4 yrs
Educational Field Experiences, Supervisor Clinical Experiences
USN, Corpsman, HM2 E-5

Brian Jones,
PSC Custodial
US Army 87-91/ 98 to Present MO National Guard, 1SG, 206th ASMC.

Craig Keller, 1971-75
School of Accountancy, Assistant Professor

Kurt Killion, 3 yrs
Mathematics, Professor
US Army, Medical Research, E-5

David King, 1971-73 & 1973-77
Financial Aid, Assistant Director
USN/USNR, Personnelman, PN3

Shauna MacDonald, 12 yrs
Student Employment Services, Financial Aid Technician
USAF Reserve, Weapons Instructor, Tech Sgt

Phillip McCart, 1983-92 & 1992-Present
Computer Services, Programmer/Analyst
USAF, Command Section USAF Reserve, Personnel Specialist, Tech Sgt E-6

Ken McCrory, 20 yrs Ret
College of Natural & Applied Sciences, instructor/Tech Support Spec

Larry McGauley, 1970-76
Maintenance, Electrician
US Army, Paratrooper, Spec-4 E-4

Edgar McKinney, 1958-60
Instruct-Arts & Sciences, Professor
US Army, Cryptographer, Spec-4

Dale Moore, 1969-75
University Facilities, Analyst
USN, Brown Water Navy, Petty Officer

Mike Murphy, 4 yrs
Natural and Applied Sciences, Sr. Electronics Tech
USMC, Avionics Technician, Sgt

Henry Meyers, 4 yrs
Printing and Postal C128, Press Operator

Jerry Neville, 1965-68
Finance & General Business, Per Course Faculty
USN, Submariner, Yeoman

Wendell Northrip, 1974-96 Ret
BearPass Card Services, Director
US Army, Mechanized Infantry, Maj

Marc R. Owen, 1993-97
Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute, Research Specialist II
US Army, Specialist E-4

Robert Patterson, 1969-73
Physics & Astronomy, Professor

Dennis Perry, 2 yrs
Residence Life Maintenance Mechanic
US Coast Guard

Marvin Prosono, 1969-71
Sociology-Anthropology-Criminology, Professor
USN, Educational Services, Lt(jg)

John Rhodes, 1979-87
US Army, Track & Wheel Mechanic, Spec-4

Stephen Robinette, 1969-99
Academic Outreach, Director
US Army, Armored Div., Colonel

Debra L. Savinske, 1972-93 Ret
Nursing, Clinical Instructor for BSN Nursing Program
US Army Nurse Corps, LTC

Lisa Searles 1982-88
Office of Equality & Diversity, Executive Assistant
USN, Administration, YN-3

Lawrence Shields, 1971-73
Taylor Health & Wellness Center, Physician
US Army, Medical Corps, Capt

Dorthy "Lynn" Singleton, 6yrs, 16 yrs, 1976-98 Ret
Financial Services
USN, USNR Naval Security Group Cryptologic Technicain, SCPO

William K. Steele, 1968-1972
Stores and Maintenance
USAF, Staff Sergeant

Joe Strong, 1984-2005 Ret
AO-DL, DLIT, Distance Learning Engineer
USMC, Communications Maint. Supervisor, GySgt E-7 A.

Lawrence Summers, 1972-93 Ret
Management, Assistant Professor
US Army, USAR, Major Military Intelligence

Jeff Switzer, 6 yrs
Powerhouse, Boiler Fireman
USN, Machinist, 2nd Class Petty Officer

Billy Tharp, 1984-90
Public Safety, Dispatcher
US Army, Military Police, Spec-4

Kent Thomas, 1974-98 Ret
Missouri State University-West Plains, Chancellor
US Army, Col

Robert Tinney, 1986-91
Computer Services, Centralized User Support Specialist
USN, Submariner, STS-3

Roger Wallenburg, 1977-2005 Ret
Finance and Gen. Business, Professor
US Army, LTC

Robert Watson, 1966-70
Educational Administration, Associate Professor

Donald White, 1966-70
Ozark Public Television, Sr. Broadcasting Engineer
USAF, Sgt E-4

Paula Wilhelm, 1982-92
Human Resources, Training & Development Coordinator
US Army, Capt

Dave Yurchak, 1969-73
Purchasing, Senior Buyer
USAF, Sergeant